Headgear Braces for Your Teeth

Thursday, March 27th 2014. | Headgear Braces
Headgear Braces Nerd Headgear Braces for Your Teeth

Headgear Braces Nerd

Headgear braces can be an attractive option for you to apply. Thesebraces have shapes that are unique and different from the other braces. Both adults and children can apply these braces when having problems with teeth. By using headgear braces, your teeth are expected to be formed neatly along your jaw and mouth parts. Although it looks complicated when used, these braces will provide optimal function.

There are three components of headgear braces that you can know. The first component is a face bow. It is made of metal which are safe and out of your mouth, more precisely around your face. The second component is the head chap that sits at the head. It is composed of several straps that support it. The latter component is an attachment. This component consists of elastics, rubber bands, and springs those are attached to the head cap and face bow together.


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Katy Perry Headgear Braces Headgear Braces for Your Teeth

Katy Perry Headgear Braces

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